Get ready to visit awe-inspiring destinations included in a one week luxury blue cruise holiday. The whole coastline of Turkey is breathtaking and isn’t only about turquoise waters and beautiful beaches. Each place of anchorage offers a different allure than the next.  The Eastern Mediterranean of Turkey is rich in historical sites, local culture, mother nature’s treasures, and more. Among the many places along the way, there are 3 most captivating places to drop anchor and enjoy on this particular route.

To add a bit of the cultural authenticity of the trip, the best way to experience this journey is no other than on board a Turkish wooden boat called a gulet. Presented with an elegant silohette, these classic boats offer the most luxurious way to live out the traditional blue cruise holiday.

Luxury Turkish Gulet


Our 3 Most Alluring Destinations Are: Fethiye – Oludeniz – Kaputas Beach

Our voyage begins in historic Telmessos, today’s Fethiye. This lively city is located a mere 40 minutes drive from the Dalaman Airport. The city of Fethiye alone offers a plethora of historical sites such as Lycian Rock Tombs and  sarcophagus’ seen in and around the city streets.  One could just spend a few days sightseeing and then continue with a private gulet cruise.  Shortly after embarkation, guests set course on a one-week-of-pure-bliss journey.

Fethiye harbour

Striking is simply an understatement when it comes to describing the Valley of the Butterflies. This impressive location is one of the first places of anchorage on your blue voyage from Fethiye. To appreciate the heavenly panoramic views from this spot, a heavy rock climb is worth the effort. Once reaching the peak, you can experience the stunning view of butteries blanketing the valley of rocks and trees.



It is one of those rare opportunities in life and interesting places to visit and certainly a must-see, must-do ordeal. However silence is paramount as with the slightest sound the butterflies take flight, covering the blue skies while creating a great big shadow over the valley.  To reach the top you can either route through the waterfall or alternatively pass through the village of Faralya.  One doesn’t need to be sportive or a nature lover, as the region captures the heart of anyone who appreciates amazing beauty.

Oludeniz Fethiye Turkey

2nd Destination – Oludeniz

Unlike many world renown blue lagoons, Oludeniz is recognized as one of the most photographed regions of Turkey. You can realize the reason why, once you have been there. An incomparable Eden is one of many ways, only to describe its unique beauty and influence. It is a magical area of the Eastern Med where the waters are so calm and the lagoon is covered with a white sandy strip in the shape of a crescent. From the soothing blues, Oludeniz extends further into the many shades of lush green pine forests.  It is a place that is visited 10 months out of the year and definitely another must-see destination.

If you fancy a bit of adrenaline pumping activity, a drive up to Mount Babadag, above an elevation of 1900 meters, try paragliding and capture the aerial views of what you have had a taste of below.

Other than the mystifying natural beauty of Oludeniz, you can visit a variety of tourist facilities, restaurants and shopping before moving forward on your gulet holiday to the next incredible place of pure bliss.

3d Destination – Kaputas Beach

Another very photographed place along the shores of the Turkish Mediterranean, however not as often visited is the luxurious Kaputas Beach.

Kaputas beach

If you are seeking an area with low tourist traffic, peace and tranquility, then this sandy cove treasure, situated at the foot of the mountain gorge, is a great place to engage in some swimming and snorkeling. With clear blue skies, the brilliance of sea turquoise is about the only color you will see. Kaputas is located in between the charming towns of Kas and Kalkan. Certainly two idyllic towns with cobblestone streets, to visit.  The deep sea meets with the steep hills in this beautiful cove.  The attraction is its virgin beauty, attracting many visitors throughout the year.

Past this point are many more spellbinding blue cruise destinations such as the historical sites of Kekova, Olympos, Kemer, and Phaselis.

Stay tuned for more exciting cruise destinations!

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Meli is a travel blogger and blue cruise holiday consultant. She has travelled the coastline of Turkey from the Marmara Sea, Aegean to the Eastern Mediterranean and enjoys sharing information about destinations and gulet cruises in Turkey, Greek Islands and Croatia.