Balinese chicken soup

This famous chicken soup is my personal favourite in Bali. It is always cooked to perfection and the noodles just melt in your mouth. Head Chef of Banyan tree Ungasan, Imam Fayumi, was so kind to cook it specially for us one night and he has even shared his special recipe with us.

The soup is pretty quick and easy to make and you will absolutely love the authentic taste. Let us know how you go!




For Chicken Stock:


Chicken Bone 1kg

Onion 100 gm

Leek 100gm

Celery 100 gm

Parsley Stalk 10gm

Garlic 20gm

Water 1.5lt

Bay Leaves 2

Thyme 1 sprig



For The Soup


Carrot 80 gm

Onion 80 gm

Leek 80 gm

Celery 80 gm

Chicken breast 100gm

Water 400 ml

Salt 1-2gm


For Noodles

Egg Noodles 50gm

Water 400 ml

Salt 1-2gm

Vegetable oil 1 tbsp



For chicken stock


  1. prepare 1 pot with boiling water add chicken bone 5 – 8 minutes
  2. peeled the onion and cut quarter, trimmed the leek and celery ( best part use for dice )
  3. trow the water , removed the chicken bone and washed with running water
  4. prepare again new water add some vegetables, bay leaves and thyme.
  5. keep boiling first and reduce the medium heat or simmer until 1 hour.
  6. strain the stock with fine shieves.
  7. put back in pot and reduce until half (if the stock flavour is not strong enough)

For vegetables


  1. make all the vegetables in same size


For chicken breast


  1. prepare boiling water add some salt
  2. dice the chicken breast and blach them.
  3. strained and trow the water, keep a side

For egg noodles

  1. prepare boiling water add some salt and vegetables oil.
  2. boil the egg noodles until aldente and strain


For finishing soup


  1. take same chicken stock in the pot keep boil it.
  2. add some raw dice vegetables , chicken dice and noodles
  3. season with salt and white pepper powder and just little bit sugar.




dont over cook the noodles and enjoy!


Recipe is complements of Imam Fayumi of Banyan Tree Ungasan. 

Imam Fayumi, Executive Chef at Banyan Tree Ungasan

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