Aroha Health Retreat, NZ - Blueberry smoothie

Last month we visited wonderful Aroha, health retreat near Queenstown, New Zealand.

Their talented young chef was kind enough to share a recipe with the Lux Traveller for his signature Blueberry Smoothie. This smoothie alone could get you through the whole morning – it is so rich in nutrients that after one of these you won’t feel hungry for a few hours at least.

Try it out!


Blueberry Smoothie by Rani




250ml Vanilla Nutmilk

30ml Flax Seed Oil

15g Honey

125g Blueberries

100g Coconut Meat

1 ½ Prunes

40g Fennel

40g Lemon

15ml Hemp Protein Powder

1tsp Maca

¼ tsp Ground Vanilla




Blend all ingredients together until smooth and garnish with bee pollen


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