Seven Colours Spa, Mauritius

The Heritage Awali is nestled on the south coast of the stunning island of Mauritius, boasting impressive views of the glimmering Indian Ocean with a pristine, white-sand beach at its doorstep. Just an afternoon lounging on the beach and basking the Mauritius heat would be enough to find your Zen, but for the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation – head for the Seven Colours Spa.

The Seven Colours Spa is perfectly positioned with sea views, quaint African –style treatment huts, a luxurious hydro pool, calming relaxation rooms and rejuvenating steam baths. It was created by Helene Cassan from the Indian philosophy of seven chakras which represents the seven energy points of the body, combined with the seven principal colours of the spectrum – something that reflected in all the treatments available at the spa.


I interviewed the spa manager to, Helene Cassan to find out exactly what makes this spa such a special place to be. 

What makes your spa the perfect place to unwind and relax?
The power of touch and devoted attention are the guiding principles allowing guests to find a deep state of harmony. Benefits of botanicals, aroma therapy and energetic application are designed to enhance the individual’s personal preferences and requirements to create a holistic experience. Furthermore, calm music adds up to creating a soothing atmosphere while the fragrances awake the senses.
What are your 5 most popular treatments and why?
1)        Mauritian massage – It brings a total relaxation to both the mind and body. It helps to eliminate toxin and release the stiffness in the muscles. It is in itself a revitalized and a regenerating massage.

2)        Relax massage – Our grand Relaxation Massage is designed to induce full body relaxation and it relieves muscle tension and soothes your mind and body.

3)        Facials – All our facials include a deep cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliating, toning and hydrating, tailored to specific needs.

4)        Back and Shoulder is the ultimate massage which provides deep relaxation and stimulates the circulatory system. It helps in releasing the tension, sore and tight tissues.

5)        Golfer’s Massage – Is designed to loosen up the specific shoulder, back and hip muscles used to create perfect swing. This massage combines gentle stretching and massage techniques pro-golfers use to increase range of motion in joints and reduce muscle soreness. A perfect pre- and post-golf massage.


What is your favourite treatment and why?
My favourite treatment is our Signature Mauritian massage. The Mauritian Massage is a one hour and fifteen minutes treatment. It is an original massage with different techniques such as Asian, African, Indian and European. It starts with a Foot Bath Ritual soaked with mineral salts and some drops of essential oil to relax the feet and stimulate the blood circulation. Meantime, to start the full process of relaxation, a good Indian head massage with essential oil is done followed by shiatsu points on the face. The back, neck and shoulder is being worked at the same time to bring full relaxation of both mind and body while the guest is still sitting. Once the guest lies down on the couch, the therapist starts the full body massage using the different techniques which consists of relaxing, draining, relieving and revitalizing effects. Focus area of the massage is that the back neck and shoulder is worked twice and it has at the same time a draining effect on the legs

If you could describe the spa in 3 words, what would they be?
Zen, Well-being, and Relaxation.

Do you offer traditional Mauritian treatments? If so, please could you tell me a bit about them?

All our treatments are like discovering the Mauritian way of Relaxing, and are a unique blend of local massage techniques and botanical oils. They are inspired by the wisdom of ancient natural healing techniques combined within the Mauritian culture of caring and know-how and furthermore, they have been created specifically to design the concept and philosophy of the Seven Colours Spa. Our treatments have created a craze among all those who have experienced it.

What gives your spa the wow factor?
The link that is being created from the moment the guests step into the spa until the leave after being pampered by our talented therapists. We also encourage our guests to learn about how to take the benefits of well-being into the broader context of their lives and to encourage health and self-nurturing. Along with, a range of recommended products for use at home and thus creating their own home spa experience.


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