Machu Picchu

If you’re heading to Machu Picchu, sanctuary of the Incas in Peru, there are several luxury hotels in the area to choose from. Bear in mind that you are advised to head up to the site early in the morning so, unless you are planning a couple of nights there, it may not be worth splurging. If you are though, you’ve got some options.


Sanctuary Lodge
Sanctuary Lodge is the only hotel that is right at Machu Picchu. It’s part of the Orient Express collection… these are the guys that gave you the famed train of that name in Europe. While it definitely affords you all the amenities of a luxury hotel, it should be noted that its biggest claim to fame is the location itself. There’s no doubt that it’s pretty impressive if you opt for a room with a view of the ancient citadel. But bear in mind that, unlike Disneyland, it doesn’t come with any extra perks with respect to the site.

bedroom-machu-picchu-sanctuary-lodgeInkaterra’s Machu Picchu Pueblo Inn

Neither hotel nor inn really describe this location properly. It’s more like a luxury lodge and you feel like you’re nestled in to the jungle that surrounds town. Instead of rooms, you’ll have your own little casita, some with their own terraces and private Jacuzzis. A particular attraction to staying here are the many trails contained on the hotel property where you can explore and spot a variety of native flora and fauna, with the help of a naturalist guide.

machu-picchu-pueblo-hotel-machu-picchu-peruSumaq Hotel

As with the first two listed, the Sumaq has all the trappings to let you know that you are in a true luxury accommodation.

Sumaq Hotel Exterior

While Inkaterra’s property is nestled in the jungle, Sumaq’s is alongside the river, with plenty of natural light pouring into the rooms. The restaurant is among the finest in Peru and the customer service is warm, friendly and top-notch.

Sumaq Hotel Interior

Casa Del Sol
A relatively newcomer to the list of luxury hotels, Casa del Sol is smaller than the others and, therefore, a bit more intimate. If you opt for one of the three suites, you’ll have a room that is every bit as comfortable as the other hotels with the added bonus of a balcony with a private Jacuzzi tub overlooking the river.

Casa del Sol Balcony

An additional benefit is the pricetag… half of the top three. If you’re really sensitive to sound bear in mind that it is located alongside the train tracks. While the trains don’t run all night, and the suites are on the riverside, it is still possible to hear a slight rumbling when they go by.

Casa del SolCasa Andina

Although it is not yet open and ready for bookings, keep your eyes open for the inauguration of a Casa Andina in Machu Picchu Pueblo, aka Aguas Calientes. This Peruvian hotel chain is known for the quality of its lodgings. They are working on a new location not far from Casa del Sol, along the banks of the river.


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