Tango Buenos Aires, Argentina

Most tango enthusiasts who visit Buenos Aires will visit the milongas of La Boca and San Telmo. While this is the “tango of the people,” there´s another elegant and upscale aspect of the dance. When you want an excuse to dress up and do Buenos Aires in style, check out these tango and dinner extravaganzas. Go ahead and wear those sexy high heel shoes! The price of most of these shows includes transportation as well.

Piazzolla Tango Theater

Astor Pantaleón Piazzolla was the Argentine tango composer, bandoneon player and musical arranger who developed the nuevo tango musical form. This highly theatrical style incorporates elements of jazz and classical music.  Piazzolla´s music best suits “tango escenario” or stage tango. Like the music, this dance form blends elements of traditional and nuevo tango with classical ballet.

The Astor Piazzolla Theatre offers the perfect venue for this spectacular show. It sits within the Guemes Gallery, whose history dates back to 1915. An evening at this exquisite belle epoque theater includes a gourmet, three-course dinner, wine, and transportation to and from your hotel.

Esquina Carlos Gardel

Sexy and handsome, Carlos Gardel was the quintessential tango musician. Many refer to him as the “Godfather of Tango.” As one would expect, Esquina Carlos Gardel offers one of the most sensual and elegant tango shows in Buenos Aires.

The theater once housed the Chanta Cuatro , where Carlos Gardel used to dine with his friends. Although the building is relatively new, its architecture and ambiance remain faithful to the era. Guests sit in a luxurious old-fashioned dining room, which provides state of the art acoustics and a skilled tango dance ensemble.

The show begins with a short film about this fascinating era in tango history, and the magic begins when the dancers enter the stage. The audience feasts on a scrumptious dinner, as they luxuriate in this elegant Art Nouveau theater.  Orice includes transportation to and from the theater.

Piazzolla Tango Theater

Madero Tango Theater

The Madero Tango Theater claims a prime location in the upscale Puerto Madero neighborhood.  In addition to the show, the modern building offers a panoramic view of the river and the city. The cutting-edge and modern spectacle features a live orchestra and over 20 singers and dancers.  While you enjoy the entertainment, the wait staff serves a meal that features some of the best beef cuts in Argentina, and world-class signature dishes.  Non-beef eaters can opt for dishes such as black pasta in champagne sauce.


Rojo Tango

A five-star dinner, top quality musicians, slick and adventurous choreography, and unparalleled glamour characterize the Rojo Tango show. Located in the high-end Faena Hotel, the show draws celebrities and beautiful people from all corners of the globe. Red velvet lines the walls, seats, and menus. It would be tacky anywhere else, but somehow it works. The performers mystify the audience with a tango-through-the-ages show, which includes jazz-tango, semi-naked numbers, and even the tango version of Roxanne from Moulin Rouge. Each number was designed to tell a tantalizing story through dance and music.


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