French Polynesia, South Pacific. A surprising and intense light, a luxuriant vegetation, flower rainbows…
The lagoons are amazing, huge basins lined with foam. In Bora Bora, we come across shark’s little caress, sea turtles and sting rays.
Each island is different, with its own atmosphere, light and music. French Polynesia holds many surprises and secrets ….

About the Author
Pascal Barnier

I'm a photographer and professional author. That is to say, creative and passionate. I am 46 years old, living in south of France, working all other the world. These are some of the awards I received for my photography: 1992 First photographic award 2006 First exhibitions in France 2007 Exhibition in San Francisco 2008 Exhibition in Italy 2009 First workshops 2013 Finalist Photography Art (Selected 8) 2012 edition of Talent Contemporary Art the François Schneider Foundation (3176 nominations from 104 countries) I hope you enjoy my work. https://twitter.com/LoupiMaltese