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the lux score


the lux score explained

Service 10
Rooms 9  
Food & Beverage 10
Ambience 7  
Attention to Detail 9  
Generosity & Value 9  
Wow / Hip Factor 7  
Facilities 8  
Location 10
Fit to Promise 10

Warsaw is a fascinating city because it keeps regenerating itself while simultaneously celebrating its heroic, yet somber historical past. For a city that was almost crushed to the ground a mere 50 years ago, Warsaw is successfully blooming into a vibrant, chic international destination. It is most certainly calling the attention of international travellers and is most definitely worth a visit.


To make the most of your time discovering both the old and new facets of this evolving city, I recommend lodging at The Sofitel Warsaw Victoria.


The location of the property is truly outstanding. Perfectly situated in the center of the old city, the hotel is directly across from the legendary Pilsudski Square. This square is the site of Poland’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. If you happen to stay in one of the hotel’s many rooms and/or suites that overlook this historic site, you have the chance, every hour, to witness the changing of the guard. Without fail it happens 365 days per year, rain or shine and it’s very special to witness. The hotel is also within a walking distance of The Presidential Palace, the Opera House as well as dozens of cafes, bars and restaurants.




I believe the Sofitel Warsaw Victoria offers some of the most impeccable hospitality service in the city. The staff is well trained and professional. They also speak English very well.


I found the hospitality standards to be quite high and I was impressed with the little details they exhibited in my suite, such as a hand written note and a nice welcome amenity. I also appreciated the presence of a Nespresso coffee machine, especially on the morning of my very early 5am departure. The staff always seemed to be ready to go the extra distance to enhance the quality of my stay.


Sofitel Warsaw Victoria was built in 1976 and this date reflects itself unabashedly in the drab concrete, unimaginable façade of the hotel. But the nice news is that this quadratic structure grants the hotel with beautifully large windows.


The interior areas are gorgeous. While it may not have the ‘wow factor’, it is nice and new. The hotel just completed a massive renovation in 2014. The decoration is lively, colorful and modern and executed by the renowned French designer Didier Gomez.




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The hotel has 343 rooms and 51 suites. I stayed in a suite and found the space to be inviting, functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. The bed was an outstanding quality with a super comfortable mattress and fine linens.


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One of the highlights of my 3-night stay was eating breakfast in the Kitchen Gallery. The buffet is one of the most impressive I have encountered worldwide. There is a fantastic selection of local breakfast items as well as a conventional omelette station and ‘a la carte’ menu service. But what made the overall experience extra special for me was the space design. I loved the large communal tables, the cheery yellow chairs and the geometric shelves stocked with lovely coffee table books.


Kitchen Gallery lr


I had an excellent lunch one day in the Le Victoria Brasserie Moderne. The food was very tasty and served in the proper portion. The ingredients were pure and clean and the plate was even presented with some drama – some dry ice smoke.


Look at this sensational desert! Sofitel Warsaw, Poland

I like the modern kitchen design as it lends well to the casual elegance of the restaurant.




Wellness & Spa


Although I was on a tight schedule with meetings and events during my stay, I managed to spend a little time in the hotel’s leisure ‘spa’ area with a large heated pool and steam bath. There is also a nice fitness center on property that is open 24/7. The hotel has a spa as well, but I did not utilize its services during this stay.


spa lr



All of the rooms and suites are equipped with large flat screen TVS, Bose radios and complimentary wi-fi. The speed and service of the wi-fi was solid.



The Lux Traveller Loves


Fresh ingredients used in every dish at every meal, every day. Poland is known for its high standards when it comes to natural foods and ingredients and this cultural practice is celebrated with gusto at the hotel. Fresh local and natural food are the foundations of this Food & Beverage Operation.


Planet 21: A commitment to sustainable operations. The Hotel has made 21 commitments based on 7 pillars of sustainable operations that incorporate practices of utilizing Eco-friendly products, energy saving lighting, preparation of locally sourced organic foods, recycling of paper and glass while also serving the local community.


The responsive and professional Concierge desk is excellent. I unfortunately had some key card mishaps during my stay and the Concierge desk service was very helpful to me.




Splitting Hairs

There are no hair and makeup services available inside the hotel.


There is a slight ‘too sleek’ vibe to the hotel that conceals the natural warmth and sincerity of the Polish people and culture. While I enjoy modern décor, there can be a tendency for such minimalistic design to feel somewhat cold and overly polished. Perhaps a few elegant and well chosen local art pieces and ornaments added to the walls would warm up the space and make it feel less ‘corporate-ized.’


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Karen Lynn Dixon is an Luxury tourism and food Journalist whose articles and videos have been published worldwide. For the past ten years, she has professionally evaluated the most exclusive hotels for an international Five Star Rating as well as traveled the globe many times over seeking out the best travel and dining experiences that the world has to offer. and on Twitter @karenlynndixon