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the lux score explained

Service 9  
Rooms 8  
Food & Beverage 10
Ambience 8  
Attention to Detail 10
Generosity & Value 10
Wow / Hip Factor 7  
Facilities 7  
Location 8  
Fit to Promise 10

For an authentic Marrakech experience, perhaps consider choosing a complete immersion into the city’s pulsating and vibrant culture, where chaos meets color, where the bustle of the marketplace sensory overload consistently delivers an array of sights and sounds and where getting lost in the mazes of the walled city is always a never-ending adventure. But do also keep in mind that with all of this heightened excitement, we recommend to balance it with a stay in a calm and luxurious Riad called Farnatchi. ‘Riad’ in Morocco means a large traditional house built around a central courtyard, often converted into a hotel.

balcony Farnatchi 2_1024

Staying at The Riad Farnatichi feels very similar to being a guest at the home of a very wealthy friend – it’s cozy and elegant yet all the while very accessible.   Owner James Wix, formerly trained by The Four Seasons Hotel Group, and his team execute a brilliant balance of casual comfort with the attentive service and posh amenities that define a five star category hotel.   Accommodation All 9 suites are finely decorated in a traditional Moroccan style, equipped with the latest technology, handmade furniture and dressed with fine and exquisite linens.


The best part of these beautiful living spaces is that each one has access to its own unique private seating area, be it a spacious balcony or a serene courtyard.


It is simply beautiful how every aspect of the hotel celebrates the local artisanal craftsmanship and design that is the very spirit of Marrakech.


Dining Dining at Farnatchi was one of the highlights of our entire trip to Marrakech. The dining room is very intimate, seating just 16 people and is set within a uniquely romantic and intimate ambiance.  Although all of the food we ate was excellent, the very best was the traditional assortment of Moroccan salads and starters.

riad-farnatchi-diningBreakfast in the main courtyard was also delicious, fresh and authentic.

Breakfast Farnatchi_1024

Rooftop Day or evening, the rooftop of the Farnatchi is a relaxing experience.  We especially enjoyed the scenic view of the Jemaa el-Fnaa tower at dusk when the various surrounding mosques abundantly share their audible chants and prayers with the city.



Riad Farnatchi has a wonderful traditional hammam and a small 7m outdoor pool with jets. Treatments in the hammam have to be booked ahead and are a perfect end to a busy day.


The Lux Traveller Loves:   The idea of hosting a posh private party throughout the entire Riad and engaging the creative expertise of Owner James Wix to make it a most memorable event. An “It’s your home philosophy” particularly the eat and drink wherever and whenever you want in the hotel. Breakfast 3pm on the rooftop? No problem. Beautiful Morrocan artistic detail demonstrated throughout every aspect of the hotel thereby strongly supporting the local artisanal communities and fostering a strong ‘sense of place.’


Splitting Hairs: Due to the location of the hotel, deep inside the center of the Medina, we found it very easy to get disoriented and often found ourselves lost.  Sure, at times it can be an adventure to find your way back to the hotel, but it can also be a real hassle. We often needed to take the guidance of the locals who were all too ready to give us the ‘scenic route’ back to the Riad and of course attach an arbitrary price to it.  Being lost, taken in circles and then hustled is certainly not fun at all.  Of course this is not the hotel’s fault , but of all the Riads we stayed in Marrakech, the Farnatchi was the most complicated to access. But there is a solution:  always leave with a map and be prepared to use it!


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