Architecture of Oia town on Santorini

The Greek island of Santorini is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean with the most breathtaking sunsets. And if your joint holiday is expected only in November, after the end of the tourist season, this can become a wonderful opportunity to go to Santorini and explore the island without fuss and haste.

A trip will take just a half an hour by plane from Athens and you are on the amazing island of Santorini.

All the photos and videos that you have seen do not show you its beauty to the full. It’s all about the unreal rocky coastline. Even if you have only 2 days to get acquainted with Tire, this will be enough for responsible tourists to drive the area far and wide. Especially late in the autumn when you do not devote your time to a beach vacation. You will be able to see much and enjoy each other in such a romantic place even at a relaxing pace!


Where can you make a stay?

For example, you can stay in one of the Old Vourvoulos Houses in the village of Vourvoulus, which you can rent using Airbnb. This is a cozy complex of two villas. Like most of the settlements here, it is made in the traditional style, the houses are literally carved into the rock. In a word, everything is made in the best traditions of The Flinstones cartoon. Each house has a kitchen and two bathrooms. Speaking about pleasant little things, there are a mini-bar, the audio system and a grill on the terrace. The owner of the apartment can kindly help you make a route and advise the places.



How can move around the island?

If you want to move freely around the island, you should rent a car. However, there are several regular buses that run between the main sights but you should not hope for them in the off-season. Driving here is challenging because of constant winding roads, imperceptible corners, and narrow streets but it is a pleasure to be a passenger. It is impossible to put aside the phone and stop shooting the picturesque descents.

Oia is that white village from the pictures in Instagram. Since there are very few tourists in the second half of November in Santorini, you have bigger chances to meet cats and dogs on the streets than people. It seems that the town has gone into hibernation. The end of autumn is the perfect time to come here with your beloved one on a weekend. In the daytime, you can generally sunbathe in a swimsuit. The most seasoned people swim in the sea. The truth is that this period is like real winter for the local residents: the Santorini people wear UGGs and down jackets.



Where can you eat?

The only disadvantage of this time of the year is so many closed stores and restaurants. Nevertheless, there is at least one worth visiting ‘Terpsi en Oia’ restaurant. It is ideal for breakfast: besides a special menu, in the morning they offer everything you want whether it’s risotto or freshly caught fish on the grill. But the most important thing is local warm and fresh bread, which is served with the main dish.



In Greece in addition to gastronomic pleasure, you can experience an aesthetic one. It seems that you can live on the terrace of this place, the view is one of those you want to watch forever. The main dish and drink cost about 20 euros. There are also other similar places: Kyprida, Thalassia, and Lotza.

Do not miss a chance to visit about 10 wineries. For example, in Santo Wines Winery you can buy and taste 18 kinds of wines and snacks: cheese, olives, and bread, you will pay about 35 euros.



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